Countdown to IDAHOT + StoryHIVE (vote)!

May 17th is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

In 2014, 81 countries criminalize same sex relationships, which makes up 40% of the world’s population (2.8 billion people)!  Although we have made great human rights strides in Canada since homosexuality was decriminalized in 1969, there is still stunning homophobia here.

Two recent examples spring to mind.  On April 26th I was invited to speak at Knox Presbyterian Church for their Don’t Be Afraid benefit concert and forum, with special guest Scott Jones, from Nova Scotia.  This anti-homophobia campaign was started by Scott after being brutally stabbed last October and left a paraplegic.  He has taken the courageous step to transform his attack into something positive – reframing his world.  Furthermore, just this week I was contacted by CBC reporter, Carla Benyon, to respond to homophobic tweets twittered May 12th by Calgary Stampeder, Maurice Price.

May 18th is the last day to vote for our Telus StoryHive Project.

One of the facts that comforts me when confronted by homophobia now is the incredible courage of our elders, who fought for the human rights we have today.  Their stories inspire us to continue the fight against homophobia and transphobia.  Our documentary project: Club Carousel: A Queer Flag in the Sand, delves into the history of Calgary’s queer community.

Looking beyond the danger, a small group of people set out open Calgary’s first gay bar. In 1968, Club Carousel quickly became the hub of LGBTQ community activities. This windowless, basement club wasn’t pretty, but it offered safety, friendship and support. It was the foundation of a hopeful community.

Club Carousel changed lives and our culture. More than just a social club: it
was a communal flag in the sand whose impact can still be felt today.

Please vote today – and madly share this with others. Voting ends on Sunday,
May 18th – just 3 days away.  Helpful hints:

Register with your email address: here.
An avatar is NOT required unless you want to comment on projects.
You get 10 votes, please assign your max. of 5 votes to our project.
Spread the word and promote voting for Club Carousel via your networks.

Club Carousel Founder Lois Szabo in the 1960s

Club Carousel Founder Lois Szabo in the 1960s

Thanks for helping us in gathering support and sharing the stories of our community.


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