Queer History takes a Village

We would like to thank everyone who contacts the Calgary Gay History Project with history tidbits and recollections.

Last week, Kristopher and the Edmonton Queer History Project shared this Calgary advertisement which they discovered in the May 1983 issue of Fine Print in Edmonton. David’s was a gay bathhouse that opened that summer in the building which now houses Commonwealth Bar and Stage. David’s was located in the basement and later became the Underground Pub as part of The Warehouse nightclub upstairs. Calgary had three bathhouses at the time. Anecdotally, Stampede was one of the busiest (and hottest, to borrow from their ad-copy) times of the year. Yahoo!

David’s opening announcement in 1983


3 responses to “Queer History takes a Village

  1. OMG how cool is this?

  2. sam starchild

    you’ve always got some interesting stuff for sure 🙂

  3. It cracks me up that they called it a gay health club. I mean, seriously, who worked out there? Not that I recall lesbians ever going down to see what was happening in the games room.

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