Calgary Pride ’22—choose your own queer history adventure!

This year, the Calgary Pride Festival is scheduled to run August 26th – September 5th. Typically the Calgary Gay History Project does two or three events to celebrate local queer history during the fest. We had the innovative idea—before we schedule anything—to ask YYCgayhistory readers and supporters what they would like to see. We’re crowdsourcing history programming!

Fill in this free and anonymous survey to nudge us into the programming that you want to experience, now that we can gather in person again. Let us know by July 21st—your input is valuable to us.

Kevin leading a Beltline Gay History Walk 2017
Ayanna and Kevin at the Calgary Pride Festival History Booth in 2016


2 responses to “Calgary Pride ’22—choose your own queer history adventure!

  1. sam starchild

    hoping all are well 🙂 at the alex community health center some of us are looking to put on a drag=show with-in a few weeks or so if that helps?

  2. Hi Kevin, I have no great Ideas or energy to carry them out. So will leave the suggestions to the great community of young people out there & I look forward to participating in everything they come up with. Welcome Home.

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