Calgary Gay History Project at Mount Royal

The Pride Centre of the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University is in the midst of their campus Pride Week and contacted the Calgary Gay History Project inviting us to speak – which we are delighted to do.

Please join us, tomorrow, (Friday October 17th) from Noon – 2: 00 PM, in the Gallery on the 2nd floor of Wyckham House.  Tereasa Maillie from the Calgary Gay History Project will be representing.

Her lecture will explore the hidden social-cultural past of LGBTQ people in Calgary’s post-war period.  In the 1950s and 60s, queers were widely deemed to be mentally ill and often treated as criminals by society.  She will also explain how a growing social and political community with support from key institutions such as post-secondary institutions played a strategic role in queer emancipation.  The discussion will center on the role of university campuses in advancing LGBTQ causes and supporting the queer community.


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