Writing Calgary’s Gay History – the Book

August 25th – The Calgary Gay History Project launches the Kickstarter campaign to fund a book chronicling our community’s story.  In the past two years we have presented our findings of Calgary’s gay history in the 50s and 60s multiple times as well as led a number of popular gay history walks through Calgary’s Beltline and Downtown areas – now it’s time to write the book!

Janes Walk 2

Watch This History Walk Promo Video

Over the next three weeks, you can contribute to our story, by investing directly in this book’s creation.  Check out our assorted Kickstarter rewards, including pre-ordering the book, or having a private gay history walking tour.

Please share the Kickstarter link to your networks!

Yours in research,


One response to “Writing Calgary’s Gay History – the Book

  1. Good luck with the book..It is a fabulous idea! The story needs to be told and there is not a doubt in my mind that many people will be interested in reading it.

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