Queer History on CKUA’s ArtBeat

Last week’s post got more attention than usual due to its sensational content.  Let’s hope that the events of last week were an anomaly.  I have since fully recovered from the shock…

Wrapping up my AMAAS job this week, I have now retreated to the mountains for a bit of R&R, but I wanted to feature Megan Clark’s ArtBeat feature on CKUA concerning gay history research in Calgary.  She talks to Jonathan Brower, of Third Street Theatre, and myself about the stories we are gathering.  It seems like a good launching point for my year of Calgary gay history.  Also, I believe we will see some of Jonathan’s research popping up here on the Calgary Gay History Website this summer.

You can listen: here

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 7.06.56 PM

Thanks Megan!


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