Equal marriage, the sea change in 2013, and a song.

Although I had planned to post an article today about Calgary’s gay history, I could not help but get caught up in the sweeping changes across the world with respect to same sex marriage.  Just yesterday, New Zealand, was the latest country to adopt same sex marriage (the 13th country in the world).  The video of the New Zealand Parliament gallery breaking into song moved me incredibly.  The bill sponsor, opposition MP, Louisa Wall, an out lesbian, told lawmakers the change was “our road toward healing.”


England, France, U.S. President Obama, even U.S. Republican Senators who had been vocally opposed to same-sex marriage are now changing sides.  Despite significant and at times violent opposition, there is a sea change we are loving through – and I am elated.  The critics opposed to same-sex marriage are using the same arguments as critics used in 1969 to protest decriminalization of homosexuality: particularly the perceived threat to children.  Let us not forget also, that the equal marriage debate in Canada’s Parliament in 2005 – our recent past – was incredibly divisive and caustic, and nearly toppled Prime Minister Paul Martin’s minority government.

I anticipate that the number of jurisdictions changing their marriage laws to accommodate same sex marriage will sharply increase in 2013.  A shout out to Joseph Atkins and his list of the top 100 marriage equality blogs.  Also, thank you to the Human Rights Campaign and their viral use of a red and pink equal sign.

I stand 2

Finally, thank you to Gay Calgary Magazine, who recently published an article about the Calgary Gay History project.  Your kind words are appreciated.

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