#OurPastMatters @UCalgary

It was with great delight that we hauled 48 copies of Our Past Matters to the University of Calgary bookstore recently. It has been selected as course reading material in the upcoming Spring term (May-June 2019). The class offered through the Department of Women’s Studies is called LGBTQ+ Social Change History: From Stonewall to Calgary and is taught by Joe Kadi.

Hannah Fan

A grad-student annotated copy of Our Past Matters.

Our Past Matters was intentionally written to be accessible – eschewing academic publishing standards and tone. However, the Calgary Gay History Project is excited that the academy has found a place for it. Local queer history should be digested and discussed in our post-secondary institutions! University students were essential players in Calgary’s queer history from 1970 onwards.

It is poetic to think that students taking this class are linking themselves to previous generations – on the same campus – through their interest in social change history.


3 responses to “#OurPastMatters @UCalgary

  1. Great News Kevin! Such a significant happening in view of the UPC content reminder of the message they send—“yes, it is okay to be who you are, but there are conditions and we, the government can decide.” Again, I am so honoured to have been able to do help you with just a wee bit of this work! Have a super day! Del


  2. Hi Kevin, Congratulations on your book being added to the university studies programs, I am very happy to see it going where it needs to be& would love to see it

    In all the high school studies also.

    Maybe it can happen in my time I’m really enjoying my sister being here after all my worrying for nothing. She left home when I was about 9 and we’ve not had much quality time together It is so good to hear her stories of Life before me! I never really knew my first 5 siblings as we all had to run away from home by 14 or 15 and I was the youngest & last too leave at 16 It is so interesting to learn how she survived on her own in the Big city &her path to now. Most of our time is spent eating & talking &sharing our histories. Marlene got both our books & sends her Thanks.

    Take care & hope to see you soon, Lois

  3. Rosemary Taylor

    All I can say that is fantastic news. I hope one day soon the talks you had at the Central Library last year will resume.

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