A summer of Queer Calgary History

We at Calgary Gay History took the month of June mostly off, due to both work and high waters!  Our hearts go out to our colleagues who were affected by the flooding in Southern Alberta – I lost a storage office myself, which drowned in a basement near the river.  Fortunately no archival materials were lost!

If you would specifically like to help the arts community get back on its feet – you can make a donation to the Alberta Arts Flood Rebuild fund.  The Suncor Energy Foundation is currently matching the first $50,000 of public donations.

Now it’s July, and we will have a new post coming to you every Thursday up to and including Pride Week in Calgary, August 24 – September 2, 2013!

In the mail recently, I received my own personal copy of Homosexuality: An Annotated Bibliography, published in 1972.  This is a treasure trove summarizing early research about the gay community.

Homosexuality - An Annotated Biography

Authored by the Kinsey Institute’s, Martin S. Weinberg and Alan P. Bell, this tome surveys non-fiction literature on homosexuality published in English between 1940 and 1968.  They cite 1265 different books and articles, providing brief and pertinent descriptions of them.  The content of course, is very dated, but gives one an illuminating historical context on how homosexuality was viewed and understood in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

I first came across the book at the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives in Toronto, but could not digest it all in one go.  This book will be part of my (not-so-light) summer reading plan.

Thus, check back here every Thursday this summer for new content as well as Calgary Gay History project developments, and we wish you a restful season.


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