Humbled Again!

Thank you everyone who took the time to come to the Gay History presentation at the Calgary Public Library last Friday and the Jane’s Walk on Saturday.

We had over 100 people in attendance at the downtown library, keen to learn more about the project, and to share some stories themselves.

May 3rd Library Crowd

The Calgary Heritage Authority was kind enough to give me a historical brick, as a thank you, with a plaque commemorating the occasion.

Kevin Brick

Then, the next day the Jane’s Walk turned into a crowd.  We started with about 60 people and added a few dozen along the way, making for our own kind of Historical Pride Parade.

Jane's Walk 1Janes Walk 2It was a deliciously warm and sunny morning.  Thank goodness the Calgary Foundation lent us a portable microphone and speaker, otherwise the walk could never have been so big!  People were able to share some of their own stories along the way of the 12 sites we visited.  It turned out to be a magical morning.

Special thanks to Del Rath, part of the research team, who lugged the speaker around on the walk, and to Terry MacKenzie for these candid photographs.

One response to “Humbled Again!

  1. It was an awesome walk. It is cool that someone is keeping track of this history.

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