Rebel Dykes @ CUFF.Docs

The Calgary Underground Film Festival has often been kind enough to include queer history in their programming line-up. This year, the documentary festival running November 24-28, 2021, is featuring Rebel Dykes about a pivotal ten year period in London, England’s lesbian community (1981-1991).

Rebel Dykes touches on themes of kink, hedonism, fashion, drugs, nightlife and political activism. This rabble-rousing documentary focuses on the heritage of young punk lesbians who existed on the edge of society in areas like Brixton, Peckham, Soho, and Hackney. The documentary uses archival footage, interviews with members of the movements, and is intercut with animation, to share this untold story.

Director Siobhan Fahey explains the film came out of a queer oral history project that started in 2014. The Rebel Dykes History Project preserves, explores and shares the archive of “a bunch of kick ass post punk dykes who shook up London, UK in the 1980s.”

“This boisterous oral history of a little-known underground London lesbian scene which spawned from a collision between punk and feminism is a blast” —SCREENDAILY

Rebel Dykes is available to stream on demand, or one can catch the in-person screening November 25th, 9:30 PM at the Globe Cinema. Come out for queer history in Calgary!


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