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Kevin Allen, Historian
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Stores carrying Our Past Matters: Stories of Gay Calgary

Shelf Life Books, 1302 4 St SW, Calgary

Pages Books on Kensington, 1135 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary

Our Past Matters Cover

Participation postcard. South Calgary bus pulled up beside a bus stop heater with Christmas decorations.

Project Postcard. Image from the Glenbow Archives NA-1599-81f-24.

7 responses to “Contact

  1. Amy von Stackelberg

    You should make your book available on Amazon/Indigo. I tried to find it there and almost gave up!
    Amy von Stackelberg
    Fort St. John Public Library

  2. How do I get a question answered about a particular person who I believe was a Calgary Stampeder in the mid to late ’70s? THis person appeared in Honcho Magazine in June 1978.

    • Dear Tom,

      You are likely looking for Blaine Lamoureux, a Stampeder whose photos appeared in a magazine called Playgay Canada in 1978, and made news headlines here. – Kevin

      • Thanks, Kevin. Do you know if he was/is gay? Do you know if he is still alive? I found a Facebook page for someone of the same name who resembled the younger Blain. He would be in his early 70’s now, I think. Is there a way to access the Playgirl Canada magazine? I have the pages from the Honcho Magazine, so I know he appeared in it in June 1978.

        Humor me, please. I enjoy playing detective and I hope you will, too.

      • I’ll email you with more information.

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